Supply Chain Services

Stardom Engineering delivers 5PL supply chain management solutions for Governments and Global corporations.

At Stardom Engineering, we use technology and resources strategically to speed up food and non-food supply chains in complex environments across the border. Our expertise and corporate values allow us to meet the specific needs of customers in all segments of the supply chain, including

procurement, logistics and distribution, quality assurance, facility maintenance, information technology, and warehouse management.


Stardom Engineering has a long history of providing excellent sourcing support to governments and international customers. As the global economy evolves, our customers expect high-quality products and fast service.

Stardom offers modern Supply Chain Management solutions, with the best distribution infrastructure and local expertise. Our award-winning Pricing & Sourcing module ensures that our customers get the best value for their money. We have a strong local network that helps us find the best quality goods and services.

Many fortune 100+ corporations have benefited from our cost-effective insourced operations. We handle the complex procurement program by selecting a reliable partner for sourcing, warehousing, and transport while keeping the overall management of the supply chain in-house.

We have developed a collaborative partnership approach over several years. We have built trustful relations with our vendors. Our clients enjoy the highest quality experience thanks to this trust.


  1. Category Management
  2. Contingency Based Cost Reduction
  3. Contracting & Negotiations
  4. Contractors (On site short and long term Staffing)
  5. Low Cost Country & Nearshoring
  6. Procurement Help Desk
  7. Strategic Sourcing Retainer Model
  8. Sourcing & Procurement Outsourcing
  9. Staffing & Recruitment Services
  10. Strategic Sourcing Over-view
  11. International & Local logistics – 5PL
  12. Air & Sea Charters
  13. Project Cargo Movement
mro stardom

Stardom revolutionized MRO in 2012 by improving the procurement strategy of critical construction & maintenance supplies across the whole MENA region. With our expertise in low-cost purchasing processes, supplier/distribution network we can secure most of the delivery orders in the highly competitive market segment.

Since then we have maintained a continuous supply chain and delivered thousands of work orders in construction supplies & equipment, to various locations across MENA especially in Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

We know the market well and can handle the challenges of local and sourcing specifications. With our specialized approach, we achieve a 95% average rate of overall on-time delivery.


Aid and Development Assistance for people in need across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

Stardom Engineering supports aid & development efforts with end-to-end supply chain management across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. We handle everything from supplier due diligence, sourcing, order execution, distribution, and final delivery so that our clients can concentrate on achieving the outcomes of their programs.

With significant expertise and wide experience in sourcing, we can deliver a wide range of transformational goods and services for aid & development programs.


Product categories include
  1. Educational supplies
  2. Medical
  3. Pharmaceutical
  4. Disaster relief kits
  5. ICT
  6. Vehicles and food supplies

We have a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects funded by US, EU, and UK aid programs.


Distribution and delivery variables are crucial for the supply chain process. We find creative ways to procure materials on time. We can handle all the functions involved in distribution process, from direct vendor deliveries, to freight consolidation operations, to warehouse operations to stock inventory. Stardom has the skills and experience to do it all.
We keep the supply chain running smoothly, whether materials are transported from half a mile or half a world away. Our efficient delivery, integrated and dynamic strategies, have helped us achieve an average 98% on-time delivery rate.


For more than 10+ years, we have been delivering goods cost-effectively, efficiently and timely. From planning to delivery, Stardom offers smart, reliable solutions for challenging supply chains.
Contact us for supply chain solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Stardom Engineering has grown its operations worldwide by setting up hubs in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to meet our customer needs.

Stardom also partners with multiple consolidators in the United States, on both coasts, to support our global operations.

All facilities are under strict surveillance by high-tech CCTV cameras, complying with international safety standards and maintained to reduce carbon emissions.


We cover a wide range of warehousing options like:

  • Distribution Center
  • Climate-controlled Warehouse
  • Automated Warehouse
  • Fulfilment Center

Stardom Engineering EV1 is a custom-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that manages our supply chain operations. Our in-house development team created and maintains this software suite. Our ERP has pricing and supplier databases that enable Stardom Engineering to source, procure, and deliver items globally. The system also has historical and current market pricing information and supplier performance rankings that help Stardom Engineering procurement personnel to identify qualified suppliers, solicit bids, and rank them based on the specific project or requirement criteria.
We use updated technology to streamline our distribution operations and we have the right tools (such as shipping status tool, order and inventory tool, bid and spend tool, warehouse management. etc.) to monitor multiple segments. 

We use these tools to get the right business intelligence and real-time insights that are essential to evaluate the segmentation strategy and to improve the trouble areas in the supply chain.
Our dynamic approach and unparalleled accountability ensure the best supply chain solutions for our clients.