Experience-driven solutions with strategy

Every industry faces complex challenges that require external expertise and resources to solve. Stardom Engineering offers consultancy for such issues in your company’s supply chain operations. We use our specialized technologies and experts to diagnose and offer cost-effective, innovative solutions, and help ensure smooth implementation. We cover the whole process from research and planning to execution, to ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Stardom Engineering Consulting is a leader in the defence, energy, transportation, and industrial services markets. We work with our international partners to bring you the best expertise.

What We Do
  1. Program and Project Management
  2. Cost and Schedule Management
  3. Earned Value Management
  4. Acquisition Management
  5. Claims Support
  6. Disaster Response
  7. Technology Solutions
  8. Audit Services
  9. Benchmarking Services
  10. Diversity & Minority Spend
  1. E-Procurement Advisory & Selection
  2. Market Research & Intelligence
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions Clean Room
  4. Opportunity Assessment Services
  5. Outsourced Project Management
  6. RFP Response Consulting
  7. Procurement Transformation Advisory
  8. Spend Analysis Services
  9. Supplier Relationship Management
  10. Training Programs