Security Operations

Mitigating Risk.

Our security solutions are advanced and comprehensive, serving federal states, local governments, global commercial customers, corporate sector, and prominent personalities. We think ahead and solve problems for any situation, from securing critical infrastructure such as military bases, government and commercial facilities to providing personal protection for diplomatic and government officials overseas.

We adhere to the ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012 standard, which makes Source Tactical a reliable partner for vigilant security needs.

We use foolproof mission planning, risk assessment, state-of-the-art technology (CCTV surveillance, alarm responses, scanners, etc), and training to protect people and locations in turmoil.

What We Do

  1. Vulnerability and Infrastructure Assessments
  2. Mobile and Static Protection Services
  3. Technical and Physical Systems Assessments
  4. Integrated Technology and Electronic Surveillance
  5. Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting
  6. Mobile and Personnel Services
  7. Threat Identification and Risk Mitigation Analysis
  8. Preventive Training