Stardom Engineering

We have the ability and readiness to act swiftly and effectively when our clients face urgent or critical situations.
Disasters can strike unexpectedly and cause immense suffering and damage.

We provide life-saving assistance to millions of people who are vulnerable and at risk of losing everything. We also help them recover and rebuild from the aftermath of disasters. We offer our services to restore livelihoods, construct essential infrastructure, and support education initiatives. We work with governments, NGOs, and other partners.


Choose Stardom Engineering because:

We can handle global emergencies with experience and agility.

We have the experience and agility to respond to global emergencies.

  1. Our teams can rapidly deploy to any location globally within 24hr notice.
  2. We provide critical support to world governments, NGOs, relief agencies in the most challenging situations.
  3. Operations Research tools.
  4. We have experts who have efficient communication skills, as humanitarian supply chains are part of a service-based industry thus, interactions and relationships with people are necessary.

Our services are spread across all sectors of energy including:

  1. Biomass

  2. Biogas

  3. Tidal energy

  4. Wind energy

  5. Geothermal energy

  6. Radiant energy

  7. Hydro electricity

  8. Compressed natural gas

  9. Solar energy

  10. Nuclear energy